ESP Design is a a free online guide for design professionals and students to learn about Sustainable Product Design. We aim to provide practical advice and guidelines on how to design sustainable products.

Created by Tom Greenwood

ESP Design was originally launched by sustainable design expert Tom Greenwood in 2004 as Environmentally Sustainable Product Design. The site name was changed to Entirely Sustainable Product Design in 2005 in order to more accurately reflect the wide range of issues that affect sustainability. It was redesigned again in 2009 and continues to grow as a resource for all those interested in better design.

Tom Greenwood Design and Marketing ConsultantTom Greenwood is the managing director of a London web design agency, Wholegrain Digital. He has a background in sustainable product design and engineering and advises clients on sustainable product development and business strategy. He is a UK liaison for the O2 global sustainable design network and was awarded the 2007 KTP Business leader of Tomorrow Award by the UK government for his forward-thinking approach and commitment to sustainability.  His work has been published in The Big Book of Green Design by HarperCollins and he is the author of the sustainable design chapter for the design textbook ‘Design and Designing’. He’s also the author of ‘Sustainable Web Design‘.

Tom runs ESP Design in his spare time with the aim of promoting good practice in product design and providing good quality information to the many designers out there with an interest in sustainability. His main area of interest now is sustainable business practice.

Users of ESP Design are encouraged to get involved in its development in a variety of ways, including contributing research or data.

Supported by Wax RDC

Supported by Wax RDC sustainable design

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Wax is a sustainability consultancy that uses a design-led approach to engage companies and develop innovative, profitable approaches to sustainability. Wax’s work focuses on Research (to identify and develop effective strategies for sustainable living and business), Design (to put those strategies into practice) and Consultancy (to share the knowledge and benefits with business, academia and communities).

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