Design Products to be Loveable

Many purchasing decisions are made for emotional rather than logical reasons. The same applies to the treatment of a product during its life, including the decision to dispose of the product, often prior to technical end of life. Sustainable products should be designed to be loveable. If people fall in love with the products they will want to buy them, want to care for them and want to keep them for as long as possible. In fact they may increase in value to the individual over time. Sustainability can help products to be loveable as it ensures that the products genuinely meet the needs of the user and do not have any dark secrets. In other words they are trustworthy.

environmental sustainability Pros: Purchase of sustainable products over non-sustainable products offers range of benefits. Long lifespan reduces waste and resource consumption
financial sustainability Pros: High product value. Long term, repeat customers. Word of mouth promotion
Cons: Increased development costs. Increased production costs. Reduced sales volumes
social sustainability Pros: Products that meet users physical and emotional needs